The Americas have been separated by a river, the Rio Grande, for far too long...

Nueva Esperanza del Norte, Inc., or New Hope from the North, is a comprehensive program of cross cultural educational opportunities preparing the next generation of leadership in El Salvador and other Central American countries in the rebuilding of their societies that have been shaped by civil wars and economic impoverishment.

A Change Works Through Solidarity

The volunteers of Nueva Esperanza del Norte recognize the remarkable, and many times, heroic efforts of individuals and organizations  working toward a better world for all  Central Americans.  It is in the spirit of humility and solidarity, partnership and possibilities, that we dedicate our resources, skills and time. 


Nueva Esperanza del Norte

Skidmore Student Volunteer Sasha Diamond-Lenow with Maribel Torres, Marta Cuellar, Kevin O'Brien and Tony Mangano

Nueva Esperanza del Norte, Inc., a local non profit organization, is dedicated to replacing a legacy of despair in Central America with the realization of possibilities generated by our American educational experience and the compassionate communities we live in.

The goal of these students is to earn university degrees in the United States (majors include Human Services, Health Care and Engineering) for the express purpose of returning to their homeland to help the fight against poverty.


Samuel and Friends

Samuel Reyes and Friends in El Salvador

The People from the Heart of the Americas need your help. Without help, these young people would have no option but to enter the general work force of El Salvador, earn only a few dollars a day and remain trapped within the post civil war cycle of poverty that plagues their country.

A World of Change Can Change the World!


The origins of Nueva Esperanza del Norte, Inc., are rooted in a 1986 PBS documentary featuring the folk trio Peter, Paul and Mary in a commentary on the little known troubles in El Salvador and Nicaragua. Both countries had been experiencing great economic, political and social unrest which led to civil wars with atrocities and suffering occurring on each side. The PBS commentary left a powerful image within Kevin O'Brien (our organization's founder) as to how such destructive forces born out of despair and greed left:

Motivated by the desire to effect positive change by sharing the availability of venues for education at all levels fo study in the United States, Nueva Esperanza del Norte, Inc., was founded in 2006. New Hope from the North provides educational opportunities in the United States for talented Central American students.


Like true pioneers, Maribel, Samuel and Marta have taken the first steps of a difficult path. Their journey began with hard work and daunting financial roadblocks.

To date (November 2007), these admirable individuals continue to persevere because they believe that when they return to El Salvador with their university degrees, their lives and efforts will make a difference in the fragile and impoverished society that has become their world.

Marta, Samuel, Maribel

We are helping Maribel Platero, Samuel Reyes and Marta Cuellar.


We share their vision and hope for change:

Marta and Maribel have completed two semesters at Adirondack Community College (both making the Dean's List!) and are now attending Skidmore College in Upstate New York.

Samuel has been studying at an English language school and is now enrolled at State University of New York at Canton.


Nueva Esperanza del Norte, Inc.

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